“The Digital Panorama in Cultural Representation” presented by Coover


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  • Expanded Visual Spaces

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  • The Digital Panorama in Cultural Representation




  • This paper considers how uses of scrolling and panoramic interface in interactive filmmaking can integrate visual research and cultural representation in ways that draw viewers into the media arts/scholar’s process. The technique I have been developing in the use of panorama is found in Cultures In Webs (2003), Something That Happened Only Once (2007), Outside/Inside (2007) and Voyage Into The Unknown (2008), and in my latest project, CANYONLANDS: Edward Abbey In The Great American Desert. In Another Way of Telling (1982), in which John Berger and Jean Mohr develop text-image works that are part exposition, part narrative, and part poetic evocation, Berger describes the kind of viewership or image-reading that using photographs in sequences provides:
    Eisenstein once spoke of “a montage of attractions”. By this he meant that what precedes the film-cut should attract what follows it, and vice a versa… In a sequence of still photographs, however, the energy of attraction either side of a cut does remain equal, two-way and mutual…. The sequence has become a field of co-existence like the field of memory.

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