“Participatory Pyramids: An Interface for Climate Change?” presented by Andersen and Pold


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  • The Digital Aesthetics of Climate Crisis

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  • Participatory Pyramids: An Interface for Climate Change?




  • Climate as a Thing
    Working with the politics and debate on climate change, you quickly realize that it is not merely a scientific fact but a complex issue that calls for a paradigmatic change affecting both how we understand our surroundings and how we deal with them socially, culturally and politically. Bruno Latour makes a distinction between objects and Things, where the latter contain both the object out there and “an issue very much in there”. Suggesting ‘Thing’ as a concept, he highlights a dialogical aspect of things where the scientific viewpoint concerned with facts, at a distance of the observed world, has come to an end. As Latour points out, the word Thing is etymologically related to the Germanic and Scandinavian “tinge” meaning both a thing and an assembly.

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