The Lungta Project: Physical Visual Music


Session Title:

  • DIY Instruments and Sound

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  • The Lungta Project: Physical Visual Music



  • (Long paper)

    Keywords: Physical Computing, Computer Music, Visual Music, Physical Pixels, Arduino, Kinect, SuperCollider

    Following the democratization of technology that we have seen since the mid-1990s, a new phase of democratization is currently underway with open hardware. After decades of advances within the software paradigm, interfacing with the physical world is currently one of the most prominent trends in creative computing. Computer music is at the heart of these new developments and many sound artists are part of this movement. In parallel to the development of musical input devices and the use of sensors for artistic purposes, many are working to interface with the physical world through actuators. The Lungta project, an audio-robotic performance, continues this idea of linking computing to the physical world hence propagating musical gestures to actual physical movement.

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