DMIs Among The Others: Live at the concert hall


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  • DIY Instruments and Sound

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  • DMIs Among The Others: Live at the concert hall



  • (Short paper)

    Keywords: DMI’s, Families of Instruments, New Models of Musical Composition, New Sounds, Hybrid Projects, Musical Performance

    In this paper we propose ways to promote the use of specific Digital Musical Instruments (DMIs)1 in live performance situations. Some of these instruments (DMIs) are usually conceived as personal objects, adapted to precisely instrumental techniques or as expositive artwork such as sound and multimedia installations. To make this possible, it is necessary that composition paradigms includes, from the very beginning, integration strategies of DMIs together with traditional instruments and groups (ensembles, orchestras, etc.). The regular presence of DMIs on stage with traditional musical instruments, could lead to new aesthetical dimensions of music and a new compositional and performance paradigms in the framework of contemporary music. The emergence of these instruments and their integration with traditional instruments in musical contexts, will also lead to new dimensions of DMIs design. Our research in the framework of DMIs prototypes is strongly concerned by all these premises and we hope to contribute to the development of new compositional paradigms and some instrumental techniques. This paper presents our vision concerning the DMIs and their role in the musical environment and in musical history.

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