The Mouse re-considered: sculpture, objects, performative activities


Session Title:

  • Plasticiens (Visual Artists)

Presentation Title:

  • The Mouse re-considered: sculpture, objects, performative activities



  • Presentation on recent and in progress works that explore the computer mouse as a cultural icon and critical, humouristic and preposterous activities and reformations’ object. The mouse has already been at the center of numerous creative investigations, for instance artworks that seek to explore the gift of ubiquity of the mouse throughout various conceptual strategies. It concerns for instance The vagina Mouse; The Artist’s Mouse (automatic drawing and painting disposal linked to an active mouse) and of Weaving the Mouse Mandala, composed of about a hundred various dead computer mice.
    Some works in progress will be presented (for instance a robotic sculptural installation that translates via internet the mouse’s activity on sculptural robots) to supply a general survey on creative works that explore in a conceptual way the interactivity, familiar computer technologies, work, game, human / machine relationships and the synthesis between traditional supports used by the artist and contemporary digital technologies.