Session Title:

  • Plasticiens (Visual Artists)

Presentation Title:

  • Panoplie




  • This is a mutation of the net, a new type of magazine, an ‘Organic’ magazine. It is above all organic because of its design, the aim being to eliminate as much as possible the technological side in favor of a more light, poetic aspect. It is an interactive magazine which through its different issues will test the means of establishing the foundations of what could become a true interactive and multimedia written language. This is a laboratory experiment.This magazine, created for the general public, does not accept the limitations imposed by technology, preferring instead the limits of the imagination. Panoplie’s goal is to be a critical or enthusiastic mirror of a constantly changing world, whether it be socially, artistically or scientifically, always careful not to put technology before humanity. Human beings are essential because of their creativity and imagination.

    • Panoplie’s team is composed of Bruno Samper, Laurent Rodriguez, Siegfried Rouanet, Sylvain Duigou, Elisabeth Klimoff, Caroline Muheim, and Patrick Perry.