The Programmed Artwork


Session Title:

  • Techno Cultures

Presentation Title:

  • The Programmed Artwork



  • Programming as a technique for creating individual artworks is employed by very few. Acquisition of sufficient programming skill to express non-trivial algorithms may be considered an excessive investment of time or deviation from principle for fine artists, particularly when applications software is as powerful and accessible as it has recently become. What are the benefits to be gained in this more difficult approach? How much time does it take? What kinds of images does it produce? Will it stifle your creativity or give you a pain in the head? Programming is considered with regard to the ability of the computer to embody process, particularly of a non-linear kind. It is this ability which distinguishes the computer as a medium from others. The level of abstraction of possible descriptions of this process has profound impact conceptually and visually on final imagery. The power of non-programming techniques to represent this abstraction is considered and contrasted. Difficulties of the programming approach with regard to fine art education are considered. Illustrations and exemplifications are made from the artists own work.