“The Serendipitous Pattern in Interaction Design” presented by Melo and Carvalhais


Session Title:

  • In Between the Cracks (Long Papers)

Presentation Title:

  • The Serendipitous Pattern in Interaction Design




  • Serendipity is increasingly becoming a concern in the design of interactive systems as an alternative to the echo chamber effects being felt in the medium. However, the concept of serendipity is one shrouded in ambiguity, which limits our abilities to regard it as an achievable goal in interaction design. Based upon literature review, as well as empirical research, we propose a Serendipitous Pattern that identifies the core moments of serendipity, as well as the role of the human agent. Through this pattern, we are able to lay the groundwork for establishing a framework that enables the design of serendipitous systems.

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