“Towards Enactive Systems: Affective Cane for Expanded Sensorium and Embodied Cognition, Mobility and Freedom” presented by Domingues, Rocha, Torres, Funghetto, Miranda, Inazawa, Oliveira and Assis


Session Title:

  • In Between the Cracks (Long Papers)

Presentation Title:

  • Towards Enactive Systems: Affective Cane for Expanded Sensorium and Embodied Cognition, Mobility and Freedom




  • The TechnoScience territory for artistic experimentation at LART propitiates collaborative networked practices of Brazilian high-level researches in the context of New Leonardos collective intelligence and practices. The focus on radical digital domain applied towards enactive affective systems, related to human experience facing technologies, expand art manifestations to fields of embodied cognition and body apparatus living in. The sense of presence and actions in daily life for transformations allowed trough technologies are the main secret topics that must be analyzed when envisioning the creative technologies and innovation for the expanded sensorium and aesthetic responsive changes of the sensorial apparatus.

    Knowledge, methodologies and practices mixed to ethnographic issues and objectives look for the integration of body sensors, computer vision, GPS and networked connections, environmental laws, and mutual and reciprocal responses in data visualization. We developed an affective cane prototype, which has been designed to enable the active participation of people with disability or reduced mobility supporting their autonomy, independence, improved quality of life, and social integration, using the idea of affective enactive systems together with mobile technology. Enactive affective systems mapping affective narratives collaborate for the end of “nature itself” and the emergence of a “future healthier engineered reality”.

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