The Situational Library


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  • Memories, Archives and Museums

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  • The Situational Library




  • Keywords: book, library, situational, electronic book, archive, participatory art

    This paper introduces the ongoing series of itinerant participatory artworks called the Situational Library. Through the construction of a publicly accessible and open-source archive of physical and digital books, the Situational Library attempts to create a heightened sense of the exchange of something other, or external, which accompanies the exchange of the book itself.
    “The Idea of the book is the Idea that there is no end to this very Idea, and that it contains nothing less than its own proliferation, its multiplication, its dispersion, and always, at some moment and in some respect or another, there is the silent or eloquent advice from the book that is an invitation to throw it away, to abandon it.” _ Jean-Luc Nancy