“The Sound Of Memory: An Audience Derived Audio Visual Experience” presented by Burgess


Session Title:

  • Sonics

Presentation Title:

  • The Sound Of Memory: An Audience Derived Audio Visual Experience




  • Keywords: music, composition, sonification, memory, audio-visual, mobile media.
    The ubiquitous and portable nature of recording devices has changed the way society remembers and communicates. The prosthetic nature of device located memories in the form of text, still and moving image media constructs a digital self and not exclusively a clone of the organic self. The digital memory of this digital life is the entity that is under musical examination with The Sound of Memory, which intends to create a sonification of the digital life of the audience. This paper discusses the interdisciplinary space being investigated by The Sound of Memory project. This project aims to develop an interpretive compositional framework to generate music from the digital memory of, that is the digital media carried by, the audience. The project deals with music, issue of memory in contemporary technological ecology, the democratisation of creativity, questions around creative authorship and also explores the notion of a digital life.

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