“Third Life Project” presented by Loviška, Krause, Engelbrecht, Nel, Schiele, et al. …


Session Title:

  • Interactivity, Minds and Bodies

Presentation Title:

  • Third Life Project




  • Third Life Project is networked international art-based research collaboration on the topic of “third life” – exploring the potential of virtual actions to transgress directly into reality and perform extravirtual actions. This hybrid project generates mixed performative environments in which physical and digital objects cohabit and interact in real time. It initiated by the artists Milan Loviška and Otto Krause in April 2014 when they approached Prof Carsten Griwodz to collaborate on a work that would involve computer games and performance art. He then invited both Dr Herman Engelbrecht and Prof Gregor Schiele to form the core of the team.

    In October 2015 they presented the results of their work in three performance lectures at WUK Vienna focused on avatar interactions with performers and objects in the real world. In the WIP talk the artists will offer their insights into performing Minecraft gameplay and treating virtual and real objects as dramaturgical tools to structure such a performance for
    a viewing audience. They will briefly talk about the complex technological interface behind the project to be able to move beyond it and towards collaborative interactive practices in mixed reality performances that they envision for the future of Third Life Project.

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