“Transcendence and Microbiopolitics: Art and Biology as Material Speculation” presented by Bobadilla


Session Title:

  • Bio Art

Presentation Title:

  • Transcendence and Microbiopolitics: Art and Biology as Material Speculation




  • Death, decay, and transcendence are transformed if interpreted from a microbial perspective. This paper constructs a non-anthropocentric approach on a microbial scale through the concept of microbiopolitics, an expanded notion of biopolitics with the inclusion of zoe, a postanthropocentric interpretation of ecological relations, focused on the life of microorganisms and introducing an ecological thought for the microbial planet. This research explores, in particular, the work of Latin American artists Ana Laura Cantera and Gilberto Esparza as a form of material speculation that opens up alternatives of thought grounded on the accountability of biological and technological matter, its limits and possibilities.