“Memoirs of the Blind: Surveillance, Speed, and Interaction” presented by Laurenzo


Session Title:

  • Interactive Art

Presentation Title:

  • Memoirs of the Blind: Surveillance, Speed, and Interaction




  • This paper presents the interactive installation Memoirs of the Blind, using it to reflect on the impact of surveillance technologies in contemporary and future society. The installation consists of an acrylic box containing a screen showing a desaturated face with its eyes closed.

    When the visitor blinks, the installation detects it and photographs them at the exact time of blinking, replacing the face displayed with the new photograph. The artwork subverts the subject-object relationship between itself and its visitors, while reflecting on our relationship with technology, providing a contemplative reflection on its aesthetics.

    The paper discusses our relationship with automated surveillance, and the impact of the difference between machine time and human time exploring the role that artistic production can play in the analysis of contemporary socio-political issues.