“Transdisciplinary Collaborative Practices in Art, Science and Technology” presented by Oliveira, Verle, Brunet, Smith and Farra


Session Title:

  • In Between the Cracks (panel)

Presentation Title:

  • Transdisciplinary Collaborative Practices in Art, Science and Technology




  • The present panel seeks to problematize what constitutes transdisciplinary collaborative practices in contemporaneity. We will examine their increasing emergence; their methodologies, their challenges and propositions, and what it means to work jointly and why it is important. The aims of this panel are to open discussion on facillitating creative collaboration between different areas of knowledge; on heightening social inclusion in scientific and technological development; and on stimulating pertinent collective local actions based on transdisciplinary collaborative work.

    We intend to discuss some practices and methodologies used on the development of an artistic board game about the city of Salvador, Brazil; to describe the alternative forms of financing culture characteristics and explore what they can contribute to fostering the cultural commons, while also pointing to possible developments and new collaborative financing forms that can evolve in the future; and to question how we can really and effectively develop innovative and useful ways to do research and apply our findings having a creative approach. Thus, we look to dialogue based on the multiplicity and diversity of expression inherent in the minor and the socially micro-political which differ from identity posturings that are polarized and proprietary and which serve the interests of totalitarian development models.

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