“Transforming Literature Network” presented by Kim, Pianzola, Fremery, Deriu, Kim and Balint

  • ©ISEA2019: 25th International Symposium on Electronic Art, Jusub Kim, Federico Pianzola, Wayne de Fremery, Luca Deriu, Sanghun Kim, and Katalin Balint, Transforming Literature Network


Presentation Title:

  • Transforming Literature Network




  • We are a network of researchers, developers, educators and librarians working on transforming the way literature is experienced, by exploiting digital technologies to provide new ways to access literary texts. The aim of our activities is to cast a different light on cultural heritage, making people engage with literature in new illuminating ways.
    Currently we are based in South Korea, Italy, USA, and Netherlands, bringing together academia, public institutions, creative companies, and no-profit organizations. Our desire is to enlighten how the experience of literature can still be engrossing in a time in which people are more attracted by audiovisual and interactive stories.

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