Underneath the Skin Another Skin

  • ©ISEA2019: 25th International Symposium on Electronic Art, Patricia Reis, Underneath the Skin Another Skin


Session Title:

  • Living with Machines (AI)

Presentation Title:

  • Underneath the Skin Another Skin




  • This paper will focus on the processes, methods and results applied to the development of the interactive installation Under the skin another skin (2016). The installation is presented in the shape of three humanscale three-dimensional objects and it is made from flexible materials, such as textiles, inviting the (interacting) audience, to physically engage in a bodily sensorial, and sensuous, relationship with the artwork. The objects enclose interactive devices and tactile sensors that, when used, trigger in the interactor multiple sensorial stimuli. The interactive installation focuses on the interactor’s intimate haptic experience taking in consideration his or hers sensorial and cognitive mechanisms as a potential apparatus for future interactive aesthetic experiences.