Underground Soundscapes


Presentation Title:

  • Underground Soundscapes




  • The concept of soundscape was shaped by Murray Schafer in late 60’s, describing it as the grouping of every audible sound surrounding us. Schafer conjoined the words Sound and Landscape, creating not only a new concept that would transcend to nowadays, but also an autonomous subject of study linked precisely to the characterization of spaces by their sound environment, allowing us to know them through what they reveal to us. Underground Soundscapes is a project that has started in 2015, making and putting together many soundscapes of different subways in different cities. We can hear how it sounds the subway in Ciudad de México, São Paulo, Buenos Aires, Medellín, Valparaiso, London, Brussels, Amsterdam, Madrid and Paris, and the project is still recording places. In this talk, we’re going to hear, understand, discuss and explore different potential expression of urban soundscapes, and their relationship with the heritage, cultural practices and traditions.