“Unfolding Space” presented by Fratzeskou


Session Title:

  • Algorithmic Topology

Presentation Title:

  • Unfolding Space




  • New concepts of space and strategies for spatial research and practice across disciplines have been inspired by our changing understanding of reality. Essentially, information technology, Einstein’s theory of relativity and quantum physics have brought radical changes in cosmology, science, art, design and philosophy, as they have altered our understanding of space and our experience of it. Such a radical turning point in contemporary thought, has attracted the interest of numerous thinkers and artists like Lev Manovich, who, as the educator and critic Monika Bakke describes, defines this change as the shift from Modernism to “informationalism” (Bakke 2006). The focal point is neither objects nor forms, but various ‘information flows’. Space is now defined as a constantly and uncontrollably changing ‘informational substance’ in which various kinds of polymorphous relativistic spaces emerge. Such a shift necessitates new spatial research strategies for advancing contemporary site-specific art and architecture.

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