“UNESCO Creative Cities of Media Arts – City to City Initiative” presented by Bailey


Session Title:

  • Heritage Community and Citizenship

Presentation Title:

  • UNESCO Creative Cities of Media Arts – City to City Initiative




  • There are now 22 UNESCO Creative Cities of Media Arts, the first having been designated in 2013. The Media Arts Network adopted a plan to collaborate over the achievement of a number of objectives relating to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. A joint commissioning project was proposed in 2019 as a way for media artists to explore creative practice in all the cities in the Network.

    The inaugural City to City program involved nine cities and ten artists, and an exhibition of the five digital artworks was launched in December 2020. Despite the challenges resulting from the COVID pandemic, the project was held to have been successful and the decision was made to run the project again in 2021 with appropriate modifications.


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