“Vcyclescope Upcycling World” presented by Sung

  • ©ISEA2016: 22nd International Symposium on Electronic Art, Veron Sung, Vcyclescope Upcycling World
  • Vcyclescope People 2014, photo print on plastic and fabric © Veron Sung


Session Title:

  • Digital Photography

Presentation Title:

  • Vcyclescope Upcycling World




  • Vcyclescope” “V”eron + re “cycle” + kaleido”scope is an upcycle photographic gadget handmade with domestic waste to reduce waste from its source. Both its’ function and aesthetic quality are upgraded from its’ original value. Vcyclescope is a tool for interacting with the outside world. It is open ended, you can communicate with people and the world on the other end. By capture stills or videos with it, everything in real life can be turned into surreal yet inspiring photographic images. These patterns can then be applied back to our daily life as stylish design products.


    The word “kaleidoscope” is derived from the Ancient Greek Kukoc (kalos), “beautiful, beauty”,d6oc (eidos), “that which is seen: form, shape” and 6co1ho(skope5), “to look to, to examine “observation of beautiful forms.” The word “Vcyclescope” is derived from my name Veron “V”, recycle “cycle” (“Vcycle” pronounces similar to “recycle” ) and kaleidoscope “scope” = kaleidoscope made by Veron with recycle materials.

    Vcyclescope & Photography

    Vcyclescope creates pictures by repeating images of the same fragment of the physical world with optical reflection by the mirror surfaces within. On the other hand, each photo is an optical record of a fragment (eg.1 /1000s) of the reality. Both are the results of the real but not necessary looks like theirs originals. That’s the interesting point of the both. Let’s sense our physical world and express it visually with sensibility! More and more HK people into photography. It became one of the most popular interests. The nature of photography is fragment (e.g.1 /1000s) of the reality. It is real but not the whole truth. When digital technology became more and more advanced, the more and more photography don’t necessary represent the reality.

    Like photography, kaleidoscope forms images solely by optical reflection. It reflects the image of a small fragment of the actual scene. Multi-reflection between the mirrors inside duplicates that tiny fragment to form a new complicated image that doesn’t physically exist. Both photography and kaleidoscopic images are real but not real at the same time – a mixture of sense and sensibility. By changing angle a little bit, things in our everyday life can become extraordinary. Our daily life waste can be easily recycled to form the magical kaleidoscope.

    Kaleidoscope is commonly filled with colorful pieces to form patterns. These pieces is like the conventional constrain that molded us to do things more or less in the same way. Vcyclescope has holes on both ends to allow viewer to look into the world in different angles to form unlimited visual variations instead of looking at the limited pieces. Less is more! Vcyclescope is a tool for interacting with the outside world.