““Vernacular Sound”: System for Soundscaping of Everyday Objects” presented by Lee, Oh and Lee

  • ©ISEA2016: 22nd International Symposium on Electronic Art, You Jin Lee, Jooyoung Oh, and Juyoung Lee, “Vernacular Sound”: System for Soundscaping of Everyday Objects
  • Vernacular Sound, 2015, interactive audio visualization installation, 2656 x 1494 mm, © Joo Young Oh


Session Title:

  • Sonic Art and Sound 1: Noise and Soundscapes

Presentation Title:

  • “Vernacular Sound”: System for Soundscaping of Everyday Objects




  • Abstract (short paper)

    Creating sound in diverse spaces to generate timbre without limitations and enhance experience in soundscape has been an essential issue for sound artists. We used concept of ‘Vernacular’ as an appropriation for Soundscape of everyday object, allowing listener to compete the current sound consuming environment which eliminates noise during the process of sound recording. We reviewed previous works on soundscape, noise art and object used in sound art to enhance the sound space experience. We designed a system for soundscaping, Vernacular Sound, consists of two main parts: (1) audio effect which computes the sound space of the object and (2) audio visualization which enables interaction between the listener and the sound space via Kinect. With ‘Vernacular Sound’ system, our purpose is to provide new experience of listening to sound using everyday objects.

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