Virtual Spaces and Ergonomics: The Feng Shui of Cyberspace


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  • Long Papers Presentations

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  • Virtual Spaces and Ergonomics: The Feng Shui of Cyberspace



  • For the past eight years, since the first symposium on Cyberspace in Austin, issues relating to informational structure in a fluid environment such as online spaces have been discussed. One outcome seems to come from this discussion. In this presentation, the author wishes to look at these issues on the level of the user from the standpoint that the architecture of cyberspace is a locale in which humans must reside and interact with their environment. In this local study, we will look at the ergonomics of virtual spaces from standpoints of contemporary and ancient traditions. It is my intention to take a broad look at these issues, looking at contemporary models of interactivity and interface structure, design precursors such as the Bauhaus, and ancient disciplines such as Feng Shui, the Chinese art of creating spaces optimally configured for human habitation. In this way, the author hopes that when examined from these disparate sites of engagement, we can gain insights in how the human organism interacts with virtual spaces and how we can build cyberspaces that are more attuned to human habitation.