Patrick Lichty


  • American University of Sharjah, Intelligent Agent Magazine, and Lichty Studios

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  • Executive Editor, Artist, and Writer



  • ISEA2002

    Patrick Lichty is a technologically-based intermedia artist, writer, independent curator, and Executive Editor of Intelligent Agent Magazine. His work spans over 15 years, dealing with the social and representational issues of technological media and the impact of technology on the self, society and culture through intervention and literature. He works in diverse technological media, including printmaking, kinetics, video, generative music, and neon. Venues in which Lichty has been involved with solo and collaborative works include the Whitney and Venice Bienniales as well as the International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA).


    Media artist and theorist. He works in a variety of media, has collaborated with and RTMark, and published in CTHEORY, frAme, and LEONARDO. His recent work is for the Walker Art Center entitled Grasping at Bits.


    Patrick Lichty is an artist/writer and creative partner with Lichty Studios. Was born in 1962 in Akron, Ohio to a family of artists, he studied Electronic Engineering with an emphasis in Studio Art at the University of Akron, and received a Baccalaureate Degree in 1990. Studied post-bac­calaureate Glass and Art History at Kent State University. Completed apprenticeship at Johnson Glass Studio in Canton, Ohio. Continuing independent studies since 1986 in postmodern Social Theory, Contemporary Art, Sociology, and Cultural Studies. Exhibits include the Fractal Design Art expo, Frankfurt (Germany) Cybernetic Arts Festival, Wirehead Virtual Media Gallery (CD-ROM), and the New York Digital Salon. Recent conference presentations include the American Society for Theatre Research, American Sociological Association, Popular Culture Association, Microchips to Mass Media Conference (Plenary speaker, DePaul Univ.), and Society for the Study of Symbolic Interactionism. Publications include numerous cyberculture journals including ****collapse, CTHEORY, and SPEED. He has taught seminars on art, social theory, and technology institutions including MCAD, Univ. of Minnesota, and Kent State University. Lichty is part of Bruce Sterling’s Dead Media Project, the Haymarket RIOT Performance project, and the SITU online art collaborative. Studies classical Japanese flute music in his spare time.


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