“Visualization of Climate Change in Internet” presented by González and Salvador


Session Title:

  • Design, Art, Science and Technology

Presentation Title:

  • Visualization of Climate Change in Internet




  • Keywords: Visualization, Climate Change, Cybernetic Image, Digital Art, Science Communication, Sociocomplexity

    The Climate Change is a concept (CC) that has been changing in order determined by the incorporation of new knowledge and scientist evidence around it. Looking for effects mitigation in quality of human beings several efforts at an international cooperation scale have been made specially within the United Nations agenda. From the communication point of view, in Internet circulate many documents, pictures, drawings, infographics and simulations that represent such a problem in different grades of complexities in its accessibility. Visualization also is an emergent concept that has been defining its frontiers according to advances in representational computer processing of big data from reality combined to the necessity to understand it. This situation applied to any discipline brings about two regular study approaches: a didactic and an analytical one. So, this paper presents a methodology based on diverse artwork that traces organizational changes in the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change (IPCC) in up to now five in- forms emitted in Internet. In this way is possible to project a future scenario for visual representations and policies actions concerning CC communications.

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