Vjacket: A Wearable Controller for Live Video Performance


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  • Wearable Technologies

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  • Vjacket: A Wearable Controller for Live Video Performance




  • This paper proposes an experimental wearable controller for live video performances called the VJacket. The VJacket can be worn by the performer or visual artist (VJ) to control video effects and transitions, trigger clips or scratch frames with the output of the integrated sensor system. The sensors detect body movements like bending, touching or hitting, and can send OpenSoundControl or MIDI messages wirelesssly to the VJ program of your choice. The VJacket brings the rhythmic movement of dance to computer interaction, so the VJ won’t have to fumble for knobs and buttons or look at the screen to be sure he’s clicking on the right thing – he will be free to control the video using his body movements alone.

    Since it is wireless, the VJ will be free to interact with the audience and musicians – on stage or even walking through the crowd – something which most hermit-like VJs do not usually experience, since they are often delegated to the back corner of the club behind the video inputs and lighting controls. With a wireless system, a VJ becomes not just an engineer behind the curtain, but an actual live performer – one whose movements are directly connected to the video projections. The audience will be able to see the VJ’s gestures in connection with the video, and become more interested in the performance itself.

    This paper will introduce the technology and interaction techniques of the VJacket and explain future scenarios (and social roles of VJing culture) within the performance community.

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