“Warporn Warpunk!” presented by Vallauri and Pasquinelli


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  • Warporn Warpunk!



  • Rekombinant is a connective modular weblog and an edited mailing list about media activism, global movement, geopolitics, creative subcultures, cognitive capitalism. It was started in 2000 in Italy and it is connected to the networks of European net culture (such as Nettime) and political criticism (such as Multitude). Within the Italian context it works as a think-tank for new creative strategies.

    After NY911, the first live broadcasted catastrophe, the global media war has been keeping on with everyday videoguerrilla episodes from the Iraqi front. On the media chessboard a sort of videoclash of civilisations takes place: it’s the conflict between the American videocracy and the pseudo-Islamic videoclasm. Between that polarization the global movement tries to establish an autonomous videopoesis. The mass collective imaginery have been hybridized with the connective imaginery produced by the net and the digital mobile media, such as cameras and smart phones. It’s the digital anarchy not even Donald Rumsfeld can control. Through digital technology we face the nemesis of the body libidinal repression: tortures and decapitations become Spectacle and – like in a Ballard’s novel – cause uncontrolled psycho-political backlashes. The Abu Ghraib and beheadings choc forges a new narrative genre, that is the warporn. Subcultures such as rotten.com reach the masses and the world of art and
    activism reacts with new strategies, that is warpunk.

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