What is the Human? Imagining the Self as Post-Human


Presentation Title:

  • What is the Human? Imagining the Self as Post-Human




  • This project consists of a series of three primary media sculptures that progressively remove the human form and replace it with technology. The organic human forms have no active functionality and are juxtaposed with manufactured technological components that provide the interactive aspect of the artwork. The facial molds resemble “death masks” that can be found in art museums and anthropological collections, but are made ‘alive’ with recycled technology. The intention of the artist here is to evoke exploration, captivation and fantasy from the viewer as  he or she explores these interactive sculptures. The artwork questions as well as highlights the importance of technology as part of our contemporary culture and consciousness and intends to engage in the discourse of human versus cyborg, technicism versus humanism. At the conference attendees will be able to assemble their own cyborg heads based on their  narratives using electronic parts and take photos with them. Additional “cyborg components” will be provided by the artists as the parts of Post-Human Prototype 04 and present a variety of technical and visual options to be explored by the participants.