Why should we care about space art?


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  • Art(ist)s in Space

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  • Why should we care about space art?




  • Panel: Art(ist)s in Space

    • Kerrie Dougherty is Curator of Space Technology at the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney and is also a member of the Faculty of the International Space University, based in Strasbourg, France. She combines a background in cultural heritage management with a lifelong passion for space exploration, science fiction and popular culture. Kerrie has worked in the space heritage and space education field since 1984 and is a specialist in the history of Australian space activities, co-authoring Space Australia, the first popular history of Australian space activities. In addition to developing Australia’s first major space exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum, Kerrie has consulted on the development of space exhibits for other institutions in Australia and internationally. She has also curated several major popular culture exhibitions and advised on the creation of space-themed stamps and other collectables. Kerrie has authored or contributed to a number of scholarly and popular books, conference papers, articles and blog posts on space history, space education and space and society. She has also contributed to guidebooks on Star Wars and Doctor Who. A recipient of the Australian Space Pioneer Award from the National Space Society of Australia, Kerrie is an elected Member of the International Academy of Astronautics and serves on the Board of the World Space Week Association. Since 2001, she has lectured in space and society studies for the International Space University, covering aspects of space history and the human cultural response to space.