Wonderland in Pocket


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  • Orai and Architectual Space

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  • Wonderland in Pocket



  • M-Views is an experimental video story-making and sharing system designed for distribution to mobile hand-held video-capable devices. Video stories are constructed using the M-Views authoring tool, which allows makers to preview how segments will be sequenced based on any possible navigation path of the viewer. Inspired by environmental artworks and multiple perspective films, narratives designed for the MViews system tend to incorporate the opportunity for the story to merge with the architectural surroundings and, in the future, with the activity of the participant. As we explore the mobile story form of the future, the following questions guide our inquiry: What story structures/gaming strategies most actively engage the audience as a participant in location based video drama? Given a few prototypes and a network, will a community of makers emerge who want to develop this genre of video art? What special tools does the mobile story-maker/artist need to create engaging location-based cinema? In this paper, we describe the MViews platform and our experience in two experimental story productions.

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