Glorianna Davenport

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  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Media Laboratory, Head of Research and Principal Research Scientist


  • ISEA1997

    Glorianna Davenport, USA, is Principal Research Associate at the MIT Media Lab of which she is a founding member. In 1988, she formed the Interactive Cinema Group to research and prototype digital media experiences in which narration is split among authors, consumers and computer mediators.Trained as a documentary filmmaker, Davenport’s stories focus on reinforcing the human desire to learn with and about each other. Davenport is a recent recipient of the Gyorgy Kepes Fellowship for excellence in the arts at MIT. Davenport’s work in customizable, person­alizable storyteller systems has resulted in inventions at the interface (micons, video streamer, contextual selec­tion, concept maps, elastic media), innovations in story form (evolving documentary, stories”with a sense themselves,” and transformational environments), and explorations of issues inherent in the collaborative co-con­struction of digital media. Davenport has taught, lectured and published internationally on the subjects of interactive multimedia and story construction.

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  • Cambridge , Massachusetts, US


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