“Work-life.tips” presented by Huff

  • ©ISEA2016: 22nd International Symposium on Electronic Art, Jason Huff, Work-life.tips
  • Image from www.work-life.tips


Session Title:

  • Creative Work and Well-Being

Presentation Title:

  • Work-life.tips




  • What is work? What is leisure? Where is the border between the two activities and who decides when each begins and ends? I’ve been meditating on the eroded boundaries. I’ll use my piece “work-life.tips” as a jumping off point in exploring the blurry politics of working anywhere at any time, always, forever. I’ll use open questions to explore the tension between witnessing a relaxing scene while being reminded about the overbearing reality of “work anywhere, anytime, in the most optimized way” emanating from the neo-capitalist gig economy.

    You’ll be encouraged to relax and open your mind and consider how many ways you can optimize your life. Be the capital you’ve always imagined. You’re on an island. Watch the waves roll in, imagine the sand in your feet, and reflect. Snippets appear instructing you to optimize, capitalize, and reimagine yourself. You are your job. Leisure time is work time. Anxiety is productivity.