YLEM: Artists Using Science & Technology

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  • YLEM: Artists Using Science & Technology





    Ylem has been active in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1982 and is now an international association with over 200 members. The organization sponsors numerous events and exhibits, publishes a monthly newsletter, and an annual membership Directory. Ylem members include artists who work with video, ionized gases, computers, lasers, holograms, robotics, and other non-traditional media. It also includes artists who use traditional media but who are inspired by the images, structures, and growth geometries of crystals, electromagnetic phenomena, biological self-replication, and fractals.

    Ylem’s feature annual publication is the ARTISTS USING SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY DIRECTORY. This is a directory of over two hundred creative artists who are working in diverse contemporary and electronic media, including video, neon, hi-tech sculpture, performance art, cosmic oriented painting, and computer graphics. The directory brings artists into direct contact with curators, art collectors, gallery owners, and educators.