AGM: 10 Years of Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts


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  • AGM: 10 Years of Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts

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    ISEA invites all its members and friends to the Annual General Assembly at ISEA2000 – 10th International Symposium on Electronic Art. At this occasion, the newly elected ISEA Board members will be introduced and some of the candidate cities for hosting ISEA2002 and ISEA2004 will present their bids. This is an opportunity for members to participate in the shaping of the Inter-society and we hope to see you there!

    Don’t ask what ISEA can do for you, ask yourself what you can do for ISEA

    General Assembly of ISEA

    ISEA is celebrating 10 successful years of bringing together artists, scientists and theorists. As the field of electronic art continues to rapidly evolve, so does the nature of the Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts. ISEA is being redefined by these changes. After 5 years in Holland and 5 years in Montreal, the Headquarters of the Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts is ready for a new transition.

    ISEA is an international and nomadic organization. Although the elusive nature of ISEA is one of its strengths, it also poses problems, particularly for funding agencies.

    The Board of ISEA, therefore proposes a new approach. Instead of one center where all of the work is done, there should be several, and even fluctuating, centers that each do a part of the job. There would be one central communication point, that would coordinate e-mail discussion and distribute general information. The web site could be maintained at another location, the Newsletter edited at a third location, yet another for the membership administration and another for maintaining the documentation & AV archive, etc.

    For the immediate future (as of January 1st, 2001), ISEA will largely move back to Holland: HQ functions will be taken over by the Institute for Multi Media & Interaction (Media Technology department of the Utrecht Polytechnic), in Amersfoort. The new ISEA Web Site design will be done by students in the international certificate program in new media, co-sponsored by the Frauenhoffer Research Institute and the Rhode lsland School of Design.

    During the General Assembly of ISEA on Sunday at 4, in the Auditorium, the Board of the Inter-Society would like to hold an open discussion on this plan with you. We want to hear your ideas and suggestions. We also would like to identify who among the world wide institutes and individuals present at ISEA2000 is interested in playing an active role in this decentralized approach.

    We feel this is in line with the evolving democratic and international character of the meta-organization of the Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts.

    Additionally, during this meeting the candidate host cities for ISEA2002 and ISEA2004 will give a presentation of their plans. The decision on the location for 2002 (either Melbourne or Nagoya) will be taken before the end of this year. Furthermore, during this occasion we like to evaluate with you (and of course with the organizers, Art3000), ISEA2000.