An Introduction to the ISEA2006 Papers Proceedings


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  • An Introduction to the ISEA2006 Papers Proceedings

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  • Intelligent Agent (IA) is a service organization and information provider dedicated to interpreting and promoting art that uses digital technologies for production and presentation. Intelligent Agent’s programs are dedicated to increasing the visibility of this work within an art context by documenting and interpreting it and making it accessible to the art world at large. IA provides a platform of critical discourse for discussing issues relevant to digital media, their social and cultural impact, and the parameter shifts they have brought about for the arts.

    In cooperation with ZeroOne San Jose and ISEA2006, Intelligent Agent magazine will publish a special issue (Vol.6 No.2) featuring the papers presented at ISEA2006. The issue will cover the four thematic threads of the symposium: Interactive City, Transvergence, Community-Domain and Pacific Rim. The online publication of the special issue will coincide with the opening of ZeroOne San Jose: A Global Festival of Art on the Edge and ISEA2006.
    In addition, a print-on-demand issue of the journal, serving as a hardcopy record of the symposium papers, will be made available for order at the Intelligent Agent website and the official website of ISEA2006. This issue will be the first print version of Intelligent Agent magazine since 1998.

    A limited number of print issues will be available for purchase at ISEA2006.