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  • Education Innovation

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  • Student participation is a critical component of any symposium, ISEA2014 is no exception. The Education Innovation team sought to bring together students from around the region to share ideas and projects through presentations and collaboration.

    Pecha Kucha Dubai presents a night for students to refine and deliver ideas and projects that inspire and challenge the norm. The unique format enables students to share their work with the wider community in the informal setting of Safa Park. The event provides a platform for professionals, family and friends to see work that demonstrates the diversity of young creative minds.

    The projects contribute to our community and help us to view our surroundings in new and thoughtful ways, and examine the role location and technology plays in daily life. As does The Nomadic Dolls exhibition, a student collaborative that seeks to unite institutions across the region. Using the doll as a blank canvas, the medium offers the opportunity for students to indulge their playful side. The exhibition brings together 7 institutions, contributing to a collective that surprises and delights in unusual ways.

    It is our pleasure to bring these events to ISEA2014, giving the chance for students to build the fabric of their learning and experience, while contributing in a meaningful way.