ISEA2014 Design Inspiration


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  • ISEA2014 Design Inspiration

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  • It is always a challenge to create a unique visual experience and give shape to an idea. The design for ISEA2014 is a generative process of capturing key elements of ISEA, which are innovation, science, electronics and art, while simultaneously painting a visual narrative of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The UAE is a place that is constantly transforming but always maintaining its core values of cultural unity.

    With the theme of location, ISEA2014 is the power source for linking different areas around the UAE. Hence, the map of the UAE is seen as an electric grid. We first mapped the seven Emirates and identified the active and inactive locations. After that we created a physical link between the locations. This was then translated digitally to create infinite forms, expressing the vibrant but ever transforming nature of this unique location in the world.