ISEA2014 Exhibitions


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  • ISEA2014 Exhibitions

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  • The ISEA2014 exhibitions will showcase more than 120 works of art that thrive on technology and innovation. Installations, sculptures, videos, photographs, and many other forms of art utilizing the latest developments in technical equipment, science, and mechanics will be featured. Interactive installations that involve robotics, multimedia projections in outdoor spaces, and videos about the environment are just a sampling of the wide range of works on offer during ISEA. These captivating artworks will bring the Emirates to life in locations including galleries, universities, institutions, offices, shopping malls, and public parks in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah.

    Artists from all over the world submitted proposals that were reviewed and selected for presentation. Several artists based in the Emirates and the extended Gulf region are also participating in the exhibition. A special presentation highlights the works of selected artist from the Emirates and nearby countries. These varied works not only showcase the technological advances of humankind, they also examine and explore its humanity.