Third Summit on New Media Art Archiving at ISEA2023

3rd Summit on New Media Art Archiving

Call for Participation

Third Summit on New Media Art Archiving 

ISEA2023 PARIS – FRANCE – MAY 16-21, 2023

The ISEA Symposium Archives is organising the Third Summit on New Media Art Archiving in partnership with ISEA2023, the Archive of Digital Art (ADA), the archive for the Histories of Media Art, the Ars Electronica archive, the ZKM archives, the SIGGRAPH History Archive, the SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Community, the Electronic Language International Festival (FILE) archives, and the MEMODUCT posthuman archive. The Summit will be held during ISEA2023, the 28th International Symposium on Electronic Art.

2023 Summit Horizontal LineHistory

After the massive support for the Liverpool Declaration, the initiative started with ISEA round table discussions on new media archiving at ISEA2018 in Durban, South Africa and ISEA2019 in Gwangju, South Korea. The 1-day First Summit on New Media Art Archiving was held during ISEA2020, (online from Montreal, Canada) featuring a keynote lecture, paper presentations, and break-out sessions. This Second Summit on New Media Art Archiving was held during 2 days preceding ISEA2022 in Barcelona, Spain. Subjects included, among others, archiving physical artifacts, digitizing museum collections, and innovative approaches to archiving, as well as an emphasis on connecting new media art archives worldwide.

2023 Summit Horizontal LineThe Topics of the Summit

The 3rd Summit has 3 themes: Symbioses, Sustainability & Progress. These themes are operationalised by inviting paper and panel proposals on the following topics:

  1. Building on the results of Summit 1 & 2
  2. Making the Summit a sustainable event
  3. Ideas and proposals to help the Connecting Archives project
  4. New Media Art Archive presentations

Topic 1. Building on the results of Summit 1 & 2
Proposals are welcome that explicitly build upon the work presented in the first two summits. The papers (and/or panels) that your submission builds upon must be specified in the intro of your proposal.

   Full Presentations for the previous Summits:

   Abstracts and/or Video Recordings for the previous Summits:

   Some Topics from the 1st and 2nd Summit:

    • Museums and the integration of Digital Arts
    • Communication and Coordination among Archivists
    • Cooperation among Museums and New Media Art Archives
    • Developing and Maintaining Physical Archives
    • New Directions in Online Archiving
    • New Technologies for Archiving (AI, VR/AR, Graph databases, other)
    • Individual Artists & Archiving
    • Ethics in Archiving

Topic 2. Making  the Summit a sustainable event
So far, the Summits have been an initiative of the ISEA archivists, who are all volunteers. They have worked without financial means and at the cost of their regular archiving work. How can we give the Summit a more structural basis? What stakeholders would be willing to invest in it? How do we convince these stakeholders to do so? In short we ask for analysis and strategy proposals.

Topic 3. Ideas and proposals to help the Connecting Archives project
As a result of the first Summit, an initiative was started to connect New Media Art archives around the World. The rationale, aims and history of the project was described in 2 papers, presented during the Second Summit. Paper and panel proposals are invited that will bring the project a step forward.

   Reference Papers for the Connecting Archives project:

Topic 4. New Media Art Archive presentations
New Media Art Archives are invited to present their work at the Summit. Unlike the other proposals, these will not be double blind reviewed by the IPC, but only checked for relevance (is the archive relevant for New Media Art?). The Archive Presentations are the Summit equivalent of the ISEA symposium Institutional Presentations. They will be short (5 min.) and presenters are not eligible for fee waiving.

2023 Summit Horizontal LineThe structure of the summit

  • Short and Long Papers
  • Panels
  • Archive presentations

2023 Summit Horizontal LineInternational Programme Committee

  • Violetta Vojvodic Balaz (MEMODUCT posthuman.archive)
  • Carla Milena Zamora Campos (Archive of Digital Art)
  • Alejandra Crescentino (Autonomous University of Madrid)
  • Oliver Grau (ADA & Media Art Histories)
  • Juergen Hagler (University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria)
  • Carl Philipp Hoffmann (Danube University/ADA)
  • Fabiana Krepel (FILE)
  • Bonnie Mitchell (ISEA & SIGGRAPH archives)
  • Felix Mittelberger (ZKM  collection & archive)
  • Paula Perissinotto (FILE)
  • Wim van der Plas (ISEA archives)
  • Christina Radner (Ars Electronica archive)
  • Margit Rosen (ZKM collection & archive)
  • Janice Searleman (ISEA & SIGGRAPH archives)
  • Terry C. W. Wong (SFU /ISEA archives)

2023 Summit Horizontal LineHow to Submit

Submit your Proposal before January 1, 2023. The submission opens on December 1 via EasyChair. 

Submit here

The proposal will be anonymised and forwarded to at least 2 members of the IPC. You will be informed of the result of the IPC’s assessment in the first half of March 2023. If your proposal is accepted we will send you instructions for the final formatting of the proposal so that it can be included in the ISEA2023 Proceedings.

  • Short Papers (10 minute presentation), 2-3 pages
  • Full Papers (20 minute presentation), 4-6 pages
  • Archive presentations (5 minutes) 1 page
  • Panel proposals (30 minute session) 1 page panel statement plus 1 page with short bios of the panellists

Call for Papers PDF version can be found here.


Formatting requirements for (the final version of) your proposal can already be found here: TEMPLATES (For Full and short papers, panels & round tables, etc)

-For the paper and panel proposals you have to indicate what Topic (of the 4 mentioned above) you are addressing.
-For Topic 1 you need to include the full titles of the Summit 1 and/or 2 presentations that you are elaborating on.

-Include a short bio and  your current location.

Please note that all materials entered to the ISEA symposium and/or the Summit on New Media Art Archiving can be used for promotion of these events and for archiving them in the online ISEA Symposium Archives.


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