A4 Space


Venue Organising Institution(s):

  • Al Serkal Avenue

Venue Function(s):



Venue Location:

Dubai, United Arab Emirates



A4 Space by Al Serkal Avenue offers an innovative space dedicated to product launches, brainstorming sessions, meetings, team-building activities and presentations. The Project Space and Screening Room is a unique space for public engagement, exhibitions and screenings. The Cultural Library and Workspace is open to writers, artists and researchers to create, connect and collobrate. STORiEs Concept store showcases the work and creative paths of selected artists and designers, offering an unusual selection of design products and artists creations.

Daniel Cermak-Sassenrath, Mathew Martin and Jenna Gavin and Lynn Heller & Jackie Calderwood present interactive projects that will engage participants. Maja Kalogera & Martina Mezak and Naz Shahrok explore nature and the environment. Rahul Malpure, Julia Townsend & Tim Wong and Levi Hammett play with patterns to comment on culture.