Grand Palais Ephémère



Venue Location:

, France


Grand Palais Ephémère (Temporary Grand Palace). In March 2021, after a century of vibrant life, the Grand Palais closed its doors to enter a major phase of work. This will last until the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games for the Nave and the galleries surrounding it, and until spring 2025 for the rest of the monument. The vagaries of history and time made this restoration imperative: weakened and fragmented, the monument suffered from a general state of dilapidation. 121 years after its creation, the Grand Palais is writing a new page in its history. In order to report behind the scenes of this extraordinary project and the major stages which will structure it until 2025, videos, photo texts and audio recordings will be regularly shared online, testimonies of this restoration of a rare magnitude which will offer the Grand Palace a true renaissance.