Le Sample


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Bagnolet, France


Le Sample is a cultural third place, installed on the site of the former Publison workshops in Bagnolet, made available by SOPIC. Le Sample welcomes more than 70 residents from the cultural and creative field, around fifteen associations using the spaces for various activities (marching band, yoga, dance, theater rehearsals, meetings, training, etc.) and deploys an artistic and cultural program (concerts, DJ sets, exhibitions, performances, poetry, parties, etc.) within versatile performance spaces and a 2000m2 garden. Managed by the LBFA association, the Sample brings together in its governance the different stakeholders in its activities: residents, employees as well as La Belle Friche and Ancoats, who initiated the project.

An associative place of work, culture and solidarity, the Sample is a welcoming space, open to all, where discrimination of any kind has no place. Respect for audiences and artists is at the heart of this space that we try on a daily basis to make more welcoming for everyone.

The Sample is a project supported by the Île-de-France Region, by the Prefecture of Seine Saint-Denis, the Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs of Île-de-France – Ministry of Culture, by Department 93 within the framework of the Call to Action in Seine Saint-Denis and by Est Ensemble.

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