“Fragments” by Dylan Cote, Romain Poncet

  • ©, Dylan Cote and Romain Poncet, Fragments



Artist(s) and People Involved:



Artist Statement:

    Fragments is an audio-visual project born from the collaboration between the digital artist Dylan Cote and electronic music producer Romain Poncet (Traumer). Assembled as a 30 minute live performance or a 15 minute film, Fragments proposes a new aesthetic that is inspired by both the physical and digital worlds. The project protagonises 3D rocks, presented as fossils or remnants from a civilisation, lost between past and future, organic and digital.

    This new audiovisual project by Romain Poncet (Traumer) and Dylan Cote explores the progressive hybridization of digital rock fragments extracted from an artificial earth. Fossils of an unknown future or computational sculptures, these fictional geological elements suppose a disturbing hybridization between the entrails of the world and digital technologies. Music and images then draw an organic world marked by artificiality, unless it is, on the contrary, a digital world reproducing our tangible world.⁠

    For this project, it is with Romain Poncet’s suit that he produces powerful music, accompanying the hypnotizing visuals created by Dylan Cote.⁠

    Artists: Camille Bertagna, Alice Bleton, Alexis Carcuac, Florian Carro, Chloé Charrois, Clémence Delmotte, Eloi Derôme, Fanny Garnichat, Agathe Joubert, Mathilde Gentil Fauçon, Abel Llavall-Ubach, Roxane Marquant, Lucie Morel, Thomas Nguyen, Mickey Pujolar, Vivien Roussel, Ken Sakamoto, Romain Serafini, Pauline Vialatte de Pémille, Aude Villerouge, Yuri Zupancic