Downtown (Central Ave)


Venue Organising Institution(s):

  • 516 ARTS

Venue Function(s):


Venue Location:

Albuquerque, United States


516 ARTS presents the Downtown Block Party during the Intel Education Day. The general public is invited to this free, outdoor celebration, which features artworks focusing on the conference sub-theme of Transportation and fun for all ages. The programs include hands-on interactive DIY demos, performances, projections, illuminated projects and kinetic sculptures. Music and dance happen throughout the event. Featured work includes: Symphony 505, in which lowrider cars from the Down Low Car Club become the instruments of a new music and dance work; Harrod Blank’s Camera Van which includes more than 2,500 cameras; Remote Desert Exploration Vehicle by Miguel Palma from Portugal, a converted former military vehicle that explores desert surroundings during the day and returns to urban areas to project the desert imagery on buildings at night; Fire on the bus, YO!, a fire dance on top of the converted New Mexi-Bus that houses a DJ; Circus Electrique with The Chuppers Electric Ensemble plus Milche de la Maquina, Albuquerque Boys Choir and members of Blackout Theatre; Raven Chacon’s Totem of the Total Siren, utilizing custom-built electronics instruments; DJ Memetric from Toronto uses Hip Hop to connect the dots between styles, sounds and people on the dance floor; and much more! See separate brochure about the Downtown Block Party for details on the over 30 artist projected presented.

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