Harrod Blank: Camera Van

  • ©, Harrod Blank, Camera Van
  • ©, Harrod Blank, Camera Van


    Camera Van

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Artist Statement:

    Harrod Blank had a dream in which he covered his car with cameras and then drove around and took pictures of people on the streets. This dream inspired him to build such a vehicle in reality. The van features digital monitors in the back windows showing images taken by the van around the world (Germany, Canada, US and the UK). Bank’s unique combination of engineering, technology and art exemplify how STEM + Art creations can inspire youth and the young at heart, showing us that by combining technical skills with wild imagination, anything is possible.

Other Information:

    Harrod Blank will present a visual history of Art Cars at Burning Man, how and why these vehicles have evolved from personal totems into large scale fantasies on wheels called mutant vehicles. Over the years Burning Man has inspired folks to bring more “wow” factor, larger scale interactive works featuring cutting edge technology integrated into virtually all expression such as contemporary art installations, sculptures, theme camps and especially mutant vehicles. Blank will also highlight and introduce Doc Atomic, a local ABQ nuclear scientist and visionary art car artist, along with other art car artists from New Mexico.

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  • 2012 Blank Camera Van


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