Lobo Listone Gallery


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Dubai, United Arab Emirates



Lobo Listone Gallery is a unique art and design space promoting artists and designers through grassroots initiatives and events. Located in Al Quoz district amongst a thriving community of art galleries, the warehouse is Dubai’s largest dedicated space for exhibitions and events of it’s kind. Lobo Listone Gallery is supported by Lobo & Listone.

Two exhibitions happen at Lobo Listone gallery. On the ground level, there are a variety of artworks that were submitted for selection by ISEA. Ranging from videos to multimedia installations, the artists explore different concepts. Banu Colak, Scott Conard & Jodi Magi, Natalie Olanick, and Christian Rubino explore issues of consumerism and its impact on society, culture, and the environment. Michelle Gay addresses questions of reality. Law Alsbrook, Clay Ewing, Chloe Cheuk, and Josh Berson, Daniel Cermak-Sassenrath & Jacob Ringbo, and Byron Rich & Alex Derwick offer insights into debates on happiness,
pleasure, and beauty.

On the upper level of the gallery, Isea2014 presents a special exhibition on the impact of technology on the making of art in the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia region. “Locating the Local and the Global: Contemporary Art and Technology” highlights works that utilize various technologies. It is not meant to be a complete survey of what is happening in the region, but to offer a few insights into what technology means to artists here.

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