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  • Workshops:

    • Title: Being in Nothingness: Virtual Reality in PerspectivePresenter(s):
      Title: Constructing CyberculturesPresenter(s):
      Title: Introduction to Softimage Animation SoftwarePresenter(s):
      Title: Metro Television Amiga/MIDI, A Flexible Approach for Sound – Image CorrespondencePresenter(s):
      Title: Our Digital Future: Multi/Media and CD/ROMPresenter(s):
      Title: VideoplacePresenter(s):

      Being in Nothingness: Virtual Reality in Perspective

    • American Express Hall, Museum of Contempobary Art, 140 George Street, Circular Quay
      Monday 9 November 9 am to 5 pm
      Tuesday_10 November 9.am to_5 pm (2 – 4:30 pm at the Powerhouse Museum)
      Fee $110 total Monday and Tuesday-includes MCA catered luncheon each day

      A two day seminar/workshop examining state-of-the-art applications of a diverse range of virtual reality systems, from head-mounted displays to networked multi-user desktop environments and Myron Krueger’s Videoplace presented by an panel of outstanding international researchers and practitioners.... [READ MORE]