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  • Tutorial Statement (‘Seminar’)

    Trajectoires is a detective novel whose story begins in the french terror period in 1793, and ended in the blood in 2009. The principal action: twenty four possible murders runs on twenty four days. This novel is a generative and interactive one: each reader will have a unique version of the novel. Trajectoires is also a multimedia proposal where the text is only an element among. From the text to the pictures and the sound and from the sound to the text , this novel is like a literary video game where the player has to find the solution to understand what is behind each line. The reflexion is at the same time about the aesthetic of internet, the peculiarities of a novel on the web, the gaps between what is perceived, what is not and what ought to be, between visible and perceptible, meaning and interactivity, author and reader. The reader here play a new role, he is a reader, a player, a spectator and also a performer.

    The @GRAPH group:

    • Jean-Pierre BALPE, author
    • Eleanore GERBIER, graphics
    • Marine NESSI, communication and video
    • Tony HOUZIAUX, composer
    • Dien REGOTTAZ, ergonomist
    • Soufiane BOUYAHI, computer operator