Art Critic Workshop Based on Art and Technology

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  • Art Critic Workshop Based on Art and Technology



  • The workshop can be described as a ‘Critic Performance’ which is mainly led by art critics making a discourse on artists and artworks based on technology. 6 art critics will each introduce an artist and their critical view on the process of producing/making the artworks.

    ‘Graphite on Pink’ was established in 2015, a project team of organizing/planning exhibitions and publishing art books based on contemporary art. The team members focus on sharing Korean contemporary art in the global art scene and work closely with curators and art critics.
    – Sponsored ‘Graphite on Pink Critic Award’ and published a documenting book of the 2nd ‘Critic Festival’ in 2016 (Organized by Kang Sumi (Art Critic)).
    – Organizes the annual ‘GRAVITY EFFECT Art Critic Award’ from 2016. 6 art critics nominated in 2016 and 2017. The 3rd Art Critic Award will be held in 2019.
    – Published <Post Production> written by Nicolas Bourriaud, translated by Chung Yeon Shim (PhD, Associate Professor in Hongik University) and Son Boo Kyung.
    – Published <Gravity Effect> Issue 1-4, Contemporary art concept book. Main theme of issue 5 is about technology and will be published in October 2019.