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  • Workshop Statement (‘Seminar’)

    0ur visual perception processes in sequential samples or fixated forms. If we are to achieve unified perceptions there must be an integration of visual input over time. As these sensations are not rich enough to the mediate perception, we as perceivers must add to them. Traditional perceptual, mental and computational images involve fractal, synesthetic and inferential processes. The degree of visual modality is determined by semantic, semiotic, and metaphorical associations utilizing memory and habit.

    The seminar will be a hands-on empirical investigation and discussion. The focus will be:

    1. Looking at these inputs as abstractions and how it enables a better understanding of cognitive, visual and computational perceptions, and computational descriptive rules and machine vision programs uses of cognitive and visual theories within the mechanics of drawing.
    2. How, that which is abstract, i.e. the theoretical consideration of something, is able to become concrete with examples.
    3. Visuals semiotics: to investigate the visual modality of the act of drawing in traditional forms and electronically generated programs, as expressions of configuration of degrees to which specific image parameters are articulated.